How To Become A Farmasi Beauty Influencer

How To Become A Farmasi Beauty Influencer

So, you want to become a Farmasi Beauty Influencer!

Let us start by saying that we believe you have just made a life-changing decision.

Farmasi is only in its infancy in the United States and when I say infancy I mean early 2019.

Right Now is the time to start your Farmasi journey!

What Are The Perks When You Become A Farmasi Beauty Influencer?

For starters, it only costs $19.99 to get your Farmasi business up and running!

Farmasi has 3 starter kit options $49, $125 and $200.

We personally opted for the $125 starter kit(Valued at $340.00). We recommend you start at the $125 level as well but it is not mandatory. This level will give you a good amount of product to have on hand.

There are also opportunities for bonuses, cars, trips and a whole lot more!

Farmasi Compensation Plan Video

We are not experts on the compensation plan so we attached this video which explains it all in great detail.

I can tell you what we do know is that you get 50% commissions on any personal sales, which is huge!

How To Join Farmasi

Step 1. Click here first

Step 2. Choose Beauty Influencer

two squares and onsays beauty influencer and the other says customer

Step 3. When completing the sign-up form it is very important to add our sponsor code 0146338 if it did not backfill.

farmasi sign up form

Step 4. Pick your starter kit

$19.99 Starter Kit

farmasi starter kit with booklets and samples
$19.99 Farmasi Starter Kit

$49.99 Starter Kit

how to become a farmasi beauty influencer farmasi $49 starter kit with black box makeup and skincare items
$49.99 Farmasi Starter Kit

$125 Starter Kit

farmasi $125 starter kit with dr. tuna skincare items with farmasi cosmetic and makeup produts
This is the $125 Farmasi Starter Kit we chose so we could have products on hand

Farmasi Starter Kit Unboxing

It was such a blast unboxing our Farmasi starter kit!

We knew there would be lots of goodies in our farmasi starter kit but we really had no idea there would be this much.

We opted for the $125 farmasi starter kit which is valued at $340.00.

What a bargain and we now have a good amount of product for display.

We are beyond excited about the farmasi opportunity and we would love for you to become a farmasi beauty influencer and go on this journey with us.

Who Are We And Why We Chose To Become A Farmasi Beauty Influencer

family having have at hershey park and how to become a farmasi beauty influencer

Hello again, we are Sarah and Gil Hudson. We have been in the direct sales industry since 2009 and as a result, have had a lot of success building teams and helping others do the same.

Our children are 18 and 20 and we are so blessed to have them in our lives.

As a family, we love to travel. One of our favorite places to visit is Lancaster, Pennsylvania better known as Amish country. The Amish have a work ethic that we have always been fond of. If we could work half as hard as they do I could not imagine what we could accomplish.

Hershey Park is also another favorite place we love to visit. The rollercoasters are the high point and of course the chocolate.

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